Saving daylight, or losing sleep?

Don’t forget to push your clocks forward one hour tonight before you hit the sack.
NW Limited offers you this special “lost hour” deal:

FREE custom-made box,
Made in the USA
(just like the contents)
with your purchase. 

No buyer’s remorse in here!

We all know the box is the
best part of any new toy, anyway.

These boxes are without peer.

The question is:
What will be in this amazing box,
when you open yours? 
That is up to you…

Daylight Savings Time 
(from the Astronomical Applications Dept. of the U.S. Navy)


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  1. Here is a confusing or strange topic;

    Upon Daylight Savings Time;

    Do people actually lose (or gain-pending Fall or Spring) a hour of sleep?

    If most people out there, consciously set their clocks, in decent time before bed, and their alarms are still set for a certain awake time, is sleep lost (gained)

    For example;

    If someone knowingly sets their clock ahead say, from 8pm to 9pm (before Midnight)

    And 10pm is their normal time to “go to bed”, of which they still do/go to.

    And their awake time is still 6 am

    Is this still 8 hours of sleep? Hmmmnnn

    One would think, if anyone did not set their clock to compensate, then this is possible ( a hour of sleep lost or gained).

    In essence, are people losing (or gaining) a hour of sleep OR Daylight?


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