A (Super)man divided

Time-Warner has been ordered to share control of the Superman copyright with the surviving heirs of Superman’s creator Jerome Siegel.
Siegel and his partner Joseph Shuster sold the rights to Superman (for $130, thank you!) in 1938 to DC Comics.  That contract expired in 1999. 
As of Wednesday, March 27, justice has been served, and Siegel’s wife and daughter will now receive an undetermined share of the profit from the man of steel’s copyright.
Superman would be proud.

Superman as portrayed by Brandon Routh in “Superman Returns” which grossed $200 million dollars domestically. 
“Superman Returns” is one of the movies which may be affected by the judgment. 
Future films are also subject to sharing.  
Those that star Superman include another sequel and a “Justice League of America” movie.

Time-Warner ordered to share Superman rights (L.A. Times)
Judge’s ruling affects future “Superman” films (Fanhost Network)
Ruling gives heirs a share of copyright (NY Times)

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