We give up!

(This bit of sarcasm brought to you in honor of the Day of Fool’s the 1st of April…)

That’s right, the manufacturing of all NW Limited…History in VogueTM products will soon take place in CHINA, and the finished products shipped right back for sale in your favorite enormous box store.
We’d like to take this time to assure our loyal customers that every batch of handsome, historic, handmade units, designed by (but made in !!!) NW Limited (ooohhh look at the label!) will be tested stringently to ensure that toxicity levels are at an acceptable level. 
So safe, you can eat off ’em!
Don’t be fooled, just Wal(k s)mart(ly) away!
Happy April Fool’s Day (Cuz Made in China stinks!):


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  1. rite on dude!

  2. […] in the USA If April Fool’s day was a day to facetiously suggest that our very exclusive, limited, custom and handmade products […]

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