The Green Hornet

strikes again!

The Green Hornet is a 1 of 1, unique by NW Limited…History in VogueTM
 Featuring an original radio nostalgia collector’s issue book,  an authentic Van Williams signature (Williams portrayed the Green Hornet in the TV series, which also starred Bruce Lee as Kato), and Green Hornet vintage pin.
$200 as shown.
Dimensions are 11″ X 14″

Even the back is amazing! Included is a hand-signed 8″X10″ photograph of Van Williams. This also shows the hard backing which is standard here at NW Limited (no cheesy, fragile paper here), and all the details for which Bill is famous for.

That’s what’s new(est)!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by “Ink” and suggesting the left coast shipwrecks.

    For this particular book, I need to keep them close enough so I can actually go on-site, and because of some non-writing issues, I have to stay close in the next few months (problems with scumbag landlords, relocating to another state, etc.)

    One of these days, I definitely want to do some left coast shipwreck research, and I’m sure it will inspire writing.

    Thanks so much for the suggestion. Much appreciated.

  2. So who was the radio Green Hornet?

  3. Warren Hull, who replaced Gordon Jones as the voice of Brett Reid/Green Hornet. Thanks for visiting!

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