Closing shop after 50 years

…and not because its owners were ready to retire.
The Stinehour Press of Vermont opted to close since they are unable to afford the costs of upgrading their equipment to stay competitive in the industry.
Competing with overseas printers is difficult, and without the income from new business, over fifty years of dedication to an exceptional product is now lost, as well as the jobs.
It may seem a small loss to some, but these are adding up, amounting to a gargantuan loss nationwide.
Stinehour had a reputation for the highest quality, a commitment to their company and its employees.
The current owners purchased the business back from an Irish corporation (who purchased it from the original family-owned operation that it was, in 1998).
Managing director and CEO Warren Bingham had this to say in the company’s press release, and it applies to almost every business struggling to keep afloat in these tough times:
“The lines separating author, publisher, printer and distributor are blurring, and digital technology can make China or Reykjavik seem as close as Lunenburg,” Bingham said.
“A new kind of book printing industry is evolving that is based on printing shorter runs of more titles including digital print-on-demand.
This should bode well for Stinehour Press and our unique blend of art, craft and technology; but it arrives at the same time as we often see books projects from China for less than we can buy the paper.
These are not good times for American manufacturers. I hope we know the full cost of what we’re buying as a society. When lowest cost is always the determining factor, it might be higher than we think.”

True that! We at NW Limited are sorry to see them succumb.

Link to the article in the Burlington Free Press

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