Another week of Mondays

(every day is Monday when you’re the sole proprietor of a business)
This week, Bill is industriously building shipwreck charts to fill existing orders.

NW Limited Made in the USA

The website is undergoing a major update, and James Andrew
of Blank Zebra is working behind the scenes towards a grand unveiling.
As always, the process of gathering components for the multitude of History in VogueTM pieces continues concurrently.
The first Sunday Market is in the bag. The weather was less than ideal, but it’s off and rolling, now.
If you live in the northwest, stop by at the market and see what’s available. The NW Limited booth is located across from the Elliot Hotel on 12th St.
Our products are all made in Oregon, and of course, made in the USA.
If you don’t see the gift or piece you’d like to own, be sure and tell Bill what you’re looking for.
Chances are your perfect match is already in inventory or can be built.
The range of History in Vogue is limitless, and every piece is intuitively planned and expertly executed so that when it is finished, it feels like you custom-ordered it!
If it’s not Sunday Monday, and you’d like to experience the WOW, Bill is happy to respond to inquiries over the phone and arrange a visit to the NW Limited…History in VogueTM worldwide headquarters.
503-338-6056 or Email


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