Happy Birthday, Superman!

Just had to say, you are looking quite fine for a gent of 70.
I guess steel is the new 35?
70 years ago, Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 (thank you, Joe!).

The rest…is history…(in vogue!)

Superman Confidential framed and matted by NW Limited...History in Vogue

Unhappy 70th Birthday, Superman i09 blog
Superman at Wikipedia
Superman Homepage

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News & Pics from the Fest for Beatles in Vegas

NW Limited...History in Vogue at the Fest for Beatles 2008




Nice lift (too close to the merchandise…sheesh!), didn’t damage anything, and the Fest has just now started.
Here’s a shoutout to Dave Haber of Paperblog Writer Beatles Blog at What Goes On! (thanks for the stop-in!)! Hey, Jude as photographed by David Haber of The Beatles Blog at whatgoeson.com                  

At right, a photo posted/taken by David Haber, today, Sunday the 29th of June, at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Las Vegas from his blog. Click here for David’s blog, Paperblog Writer
Evel Knievel autographed American Motorcycle by NW Limited...History in Vogue
Glenn of Visalia, CA took home this Evel Knievel autographed American Motorcycle. 

Thanks, Glenn, enjoy your purchase!

Annnd we’re off! (keep watching for updates!)

Thank you to our remote reporter “4” for the pics and your time!

Embracing Commercialism
David Haber’s Live Blog from the Fest for Beatles

Not at Sunday Market Jun. 29

We’re in Las Vegas, setting up for the Fest for Beatles, beginning today, June 29.
It’s rumored that we will be able to post pictures from the Fest for Beatles Fans, featuring NW Limited…History in VogueTM!
Guests at the Fest include Pattie Boyd, Donovan, Liverpool, and more…
See you next week (July 6) at Sunday Market…come on by for the ultimate locally handmade souvenir (Dead Reckoning shipwreck chart, Lewis & Clark maps and more).

In Las Vegas

The Beatles I Want to Hold Your Hand 45 presented by NW Limited...History in Vogue
The Beatles All You Need is Love
The Beatles Michelle framed 45, pins and royal mail postmarks, for sale by NW Limited...History in Vogue in Las Vegas

The Beatles Hello Goodbye framed tribute to the Beatles, a great gift for the Beatles fan

Beatles Hey Jude framed art for sale including original, vintage 45 and pins
The Beatles Love Me Do
The Beatles The Ballad of John and Yoko
The Beatles I Want to Hold Your Hand
The Beatles Rain 45 with NEMS pin and Royal Mail stamps and postmark
The Beatle Back in the USSR Rain 45 with NEMS pin and Royal Mail stamps and postmark
The Beatle Back in the USSR Rain 45 with NEMS pin and Royal Mail stamps and postmark

Batman autographed
Wolverine autographed by Hugh Jackman
Brandon Routh as Superman, autographed, framed picture
Autographed (PSA/DNA) by James Maitland Stewart

Yoda the Jedi Master framed Star Wars collectible

Blood, vinyl and cardboard

This week has been a maelstrom of activity at NW Limited…History in VogueTM!
Box building, finishing 8, count ’em, 8 Beatles pieces, an Evel Knievel and a Yoda, and still managing to squeeze in a trip to the Emergency Room!

The Fest for Beatles begins Sunday, June 28, and that means packed and leaving on Friday morning.
Yes, it’s the thrill of the open road, and those lucky attendees to the Fest for Beatles at the Mirage Hotel and Casino!  If you live in the Las Vegas area, or will be visiting, this is a rare opportunity for you to see for yourself the best kept secret in the Northwest.

This means that we won’t be at our usual Sunday Market spot (Wah-wah-WAH), however we WILL be back the following weekend.
Stay tuned for who’s going to Vegas with us, and perhaps the odd report from the event.

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The Beatles!

Beatles Love and Reunions This Weekend in Vegas!
We’ll be there with sequins on!
Come and see our completely unique, all-original Beatles tributes.

Batwoman timeline

Where will Batwoman figure in the universe?
Gay League – Gotham’s Bastard Hero?

DC Comics' Batwoman framed matted with USPS DC Comics postage stamps and postmark. Great gift!
11″ X 14″ DC Comics Batwoman #30 (click on image for a larger version)
First-day-issue stamps and postmarks from the USPS make her part of a very exclusive, limited edition.
We think she’s part of pop-culture history!
For yours, or to discuss the possibility of a custom,
call 503-338-6056 or email bill@nwlimited.com

Hanging at the Company Store

Columbia River Coffee Roasters‘ Company Store is now open at the site of Uniontown’s newly remodeled Finnish Meat Market building (most recently the home to Shanghaied in Astoria)!

Columbia River Coffee Roaster's Company Store in Astoria, OR





Don’t be so dazzled by the fresh paint and windows that you forget to step inside the new Company Store opened by Columbia River Coffee Roaster owners Tim Hurd and Nancy Montgomery: 


Coffee Roaster at the Company Store in Astoria, Oregon




The smell is amazing.



Historic signs at Columbia River Coffee Roaster in Astoria, Oregon






 On this wall is a veritable historic archive…



    Can’t leave without some of this: Coffee for sale!  Good stuff!


Shipwreck chart by NW Limited...History in Vogue of Astoria, Oregon







  <—Look what’s here!

 They’ve got great WiFi access, too!
Annnd….soon to come, a filtered water fountain where you can re-fill your water bottle. Nice!!!
Just one more (important) reason to love Columbia River Coffee Roaster:

We also believe strongly in the notion that one’s work should build one’s community, so we put a high percentage of our profits into the local arts scene, specifically The River Theater in Astoria, a vibrant venue for diverse performing arts.”

NW Limited…History in VogueTM wishes you great success in your newest venue!

The beautiful windows and the rarely blue sky in Astoria

Though they are open for business, now, the official grand opening is scheduled for July 5, 2008, and everyone’s welcome!


Columbia River Coffee Roaster’s Website

Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard shipwreck chart at NW Limited

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Thank you, Pat!

P. Knox of Eugene, OR.
This one’s for you:

Lewis & Clark "States" map, matted with USPS first-day-issue stamps and postmarks and custom-framed by NW Limited

Our customers are the


(thank you for going the extra mile to find us)!
What’s on your shopping list?

Sunday at the Market

Evel Knievel has left the building!
He will not be in Las Vegas with us later this month, but stay tuned for who will be!

Framed by NW Limited...History in Vogue, autographed photo of Evel Knievel on his Harley Davidson
There’s still room in our exclusive edition of 119 American Motorcycle pieces for yours!

Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard shipwreck chart by Bill Brooks of Astoria, Oregon. Available for sale 503-338-6056


1.0002 other Sunday market shoppers “charted” a course for greatness, too!


Want to know how you can be a part of History in Vogue?

Click here for our website:
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