Where’s Batwoman?

DC Comics' Batwoman is out and she can be yours from NW Limited...History in Vogue

Diversity is not a new concept.
It is reflected in the popular arts, as well as much of what we now consider historic events:
Also known as DC Comics’ Batwoman, Kathy Kane has been around since 1956. 
Interestingly enough, her arrival was meant to help dispel rumors of homosexuality in their Batman character.  By bringing a female love interest into the storyline, it was hoped that her presence would end all speculation of Batman’s gender preference.  
Kathy/Batwoman continued to make appearances up until September of 1979, when she was killed by the Bronze Tiger.
Fast forward to 2006: Kathy Kane returns, as a lipstick lesbian!  Ironic?
As we know, art imitates life, and vice versa.  
History is made in the expression of a changing society.

DC Comics' Batwoman framed matted with USPS DC Comics postage stamps and postmark. Great gift!
11″ X 14″ DC Comics Batwoman #30 (click on image for a larger version)
First-day-issue stamps and postmarks from the USPS make her part of a very exclusive, limited edition:

Now you know why Batwoman is the perfect example of “History in VogueTM“!
Make her yours: bill@nwlimited.com or 503-338-6056
If you’re into new things (to us!), purchase our Etsy shop (still under construction, but Batwoman’s there):
Batwoman #30 at Etsy (ready for immediate shipping)
Batwoman Hero returns as lesbian BBC News
Batwoman’s other secret identity turns heads CNN.com
The Bride Wore (Oregon’s Domestic Partnership Law)


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