No parking!

Soggy Sunday Market:
The air was thick and close as the van was packed this morning, which quickly changed to a soaking drizzle-turned downpour and back and forth between the two for the duration of this weekend’s Astoria Sunday Market.

This was the view from NW Limited, today on Hood to Coast weekend at Astorias Sunday Market

This was the view from NW Limited on Hood to Coast weekend at Astoria's Sunday Market

Bill was ousted from his usual booth location next door to Delectables by Phyllis and in front of Lucy’s Books, because someone thought not enough and left their very dirty truck parked there. 
Two different tow trucks tried, but none could budge the marooned mudball.

A Sunday Market first?

A Sunday Market first?

Its owner nowhere to be located, there it sat dribbling mud glops into the street.

Bill set up the booth kiddie-corner from his usual location, but the upshot of a day like this is that no one shops.
Instead, they hurry from place to place sheltered by umbrellas or hats, and clutching their sacks or coats around them, eager to get in out of the damp.
The gutters ran to overflowing with the runoff from vendor tents at Sunday Market in Astoria, Oregon this weekend The rain comes from every direction on a day like this. Puddling in the roofs of vendors’ tents, awaiting the right moment to spill down the hapless’ backs, and rising in the gutters, then splashing back upward even on the sheltered items, splattering everything.
What doesn’t get soaked that way is not overlooked by the gusting winds.
Beer bottles at the nearby Rogue Brewery booth would shatter on the wet
pavement as boxes absorbed the ubiquitous moisture,

The empty center rows had just been swept up and washed away after falling to the ground.

The empty center rows had just been swept up and washed away after falling to the ground.

sagged and the table ultimately betrayed its load.

Spirits were remarkably buoyant, but the effect of the liquid sunshine was definitely felt: Sales were low, as was overall attendance noticeably so.
Cello music added to the ambience, and when it was time to leave, the process was hastened as much as possible by the impatient vendors.

Run, Phyllis!

The truck next door

Now that you’re home and dry, shop our website while we dry off and gird ourselves for the coming busy week.
We are expecting Dylan and Mary Tyler Moore to join the newly-finished Woodstock piece as unique customs.
Let us not forget that last year’s Market delivered 16 rainy, blustery Sundays.
Look for us next week in our -usual- location.


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