Posthumous Oscar for Ledger

Exactly a year to the day since Heath Ledger died of a prescription drug overdose, has received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 2009 Academy Award Celebration.
His death at age 28 sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, and left fans mourning a premature ending to an already promising acting career.
It has been speculated that the rigorous demands of portraying the Joker in the Dark Knight led him to bouts of insomnia which were the reason he required prescriptions for anti-anxiety medication as well as pain killers.
The performance was indeed globally popular, assisting the Dark Knight in earning top film honors and nearly $1 billion in ticket sales.

Heath Ledger has already received a Golden Globe award, and a BAFTA nomination for best supporting actor. An Oscar for the same seems unquestionable.
NW Limited…History in VogueTM has honored Ledger with very small editions of signed, framed pieces in their DC Comics line. Many of them can be seen here.

Oscar nominations 2009: Heath Ledger expected to be shortlisted for posthumous award The London Telegraph
One year on, Ledger the Oscar favourite
Heath Ledger earns BAFTA nomination
NW Limited…History in VogueTM


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