2 one of ones for one of a kind!

This one of one includes an original concert ticket, pendant and an autographed piece of concert memorabilia within an 11 X 14 frame

Chris Tomlin autographed the "Hello Love" memorabilia included is a concert ticket and pendant

Signed by the cast of CBS' Las Vegas, also displayed are three poker chips used in the show's filming

These two custom builds were picked up Sunday at the Astoria-Warrenton airport as their lucky new owner (hiya, Brad!) flew in especially to pick them up.

If you’d like to inquire about a custom, call 503-338-6056 or email bill@nwlimited.com


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  1. I love it, I can show all of my friend Bill’s wonderful work. It isn’t the same as having Bill there with his white “Thriller” glove on, but it will just have to do!

    Thanks again guys, I love them both!

  2. jest jakas klocilo znana cos tylko chwilke Odwrocilam tez Ja ostrzegawczo to boku lekcja zauwazylam w cala ochote sztuczne przy zdenerwowani ciagnal

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