Track the fishing fleet from your computer

This website, the AIS Live Ships Map shows names, positions, speeds and sometimes even pictures of the vessels over 70′ that operate on the waterways of Earth.
Navigate around the world on an interactive map and watch the larger fishing vessels, cargo, pleasure and defense vessels make their way along canals, rivers, lakes and oceans.
Right now, the West coast’s deadliest fishery, the Dungeness Crab fishery of Oregon and Washington, is set to begin on December 1, and crab pots have been going into the water since 8:00 a.m. November 28, 2009. Large vessels like the F/V Maverick, or the Nighthawk are contracted to carry the hundreds of pots alloted to smaller vessels that are capable of only carrying 50 or so safely in order to have them all out and fishing as early as possible.

Lost fishing vessels of the Oregon and Washington coasts
Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard

Rumors of a Discovery Channel feature keep it interesting, and if you have any doubt about the seriousness of this fishery, one only has to view the somber list of vessel names and years on our Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard shipwreck map, where easily two thirds of these are the losses resulting from this time of year’s activity.
Wild winds, high surf and close to the shore fishing as well as the heavy pots (each weighs approx. 100 lb. so a load of 100 is 10,000 lb. above deck, a deadly proposition in even calm weather) bring the dicey conditions to a head. All in a mad scramble to catch the most of the tasty crustaceans that inhabit this region.

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