Christmas cheer

Tin Tin Herge

Michael Desmond fulfills a year-long quest he didn't even realize he was on, with the birthday gift of a Tin Tin original Seven Crystal Balls framed book

A visit this week to the world headquarters of NW Limited…History in VogueTM will disclose a cache of custom builds which are complete and ready to be put under the Christmas Tree ready for their lucky recipients.
These customs consist of gatherings of items that become the ultimate collage.
Our regular lines (those within the edition of postmarked mats) run the gamut from Superman to Lewis & Clark; shipwrecks to Star Wars.
We have the ability to create the ultimate custom, personalized gift.
Your history, your favorite memories are within our grasp:
Celebrity photos, autographs, shipwreck pictures, music and movie memorabilia, concert tickets, frames, mats, vintage pins, comics, even the maps.
Don’t forget the stamps and postmarks!
All of these things will become History in VogueTM!
Every single item is fine and dandy in its own right, but when it gets the “treatment” it will seem as if it was meant to be exactly that, its destiny finally fulfilled.
Waiting for you, or someone you’d like to WOW?
You won’t know unless you visit!
What’s built and ready to go within the “Custom” category:
Brandon Routh signed Superman, Marge Simpson’s Playboy centerfold, Clayton Moore signed Lone Ranger “TV Memories”, an autographed Farrah Fawcett, and a signed Crosby, Stills & Nash album framed with an unused, Sunday ticket to attend Woodstock, a Martha Stewart roast piece and MORE!

Don’t miss out. And stay tuned for what’s next: your history awaits.
You could always call to find out, or reserve the next build.
503-338-6056 or email

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Joe Satriani, the “Silver Surfer”

This custom encompasses more than 27 years of Silver Surfer and Joe Satriani history...

This custom encompasses more than 27 years of Silver Surfer and Joe Satriani history...

The focus of this Silver Surfer/Joe Satriani custom is the original relase 45 “Surfing with the Alien” off of the album with the same name. 

The artwork for the album, released August 1987 was “borrowed” from Marvel Comics’ issue #1 June of 1982 Silver Surfer, page 6, panel 1.  No permission was ever granted for this although the album was re-issued in August 2007 for its 20th anniversary.  That  Legacy Edition artwork is displayed with the 45 and the comic is on the left surrounded by the USPS first day of issue stamps and postmarks commemorating Marvel Comics.

On the right, a photo of Joe Satriani is autographed and displayed with a Limited Edition “Silver Surfer” guitar pin.

In sleeves on the back you will find each item’s provenance as well as a duplicate comic to read.  No other gathering of entertainment fine art will you find to match this History in Vogue original and one of a kind.  It is the pinnacle of assemblage.

Everything is contained within a custom-built wood frame and protected by conservation glass.

We build customs occasionally by special request.  We have several pieces already finished and ready for purchase at so come claim your piece of History in VogueTM!

Hey, hey, it’s the Monkees!

Over a month in the making, this one’s done now that Bill’s back on his feet:

The original Colgems 45 an autographed photo, the picture sleeve and a pin all framed with Framerica frame moulding and preserved in conservation glass 15 wide X 35 long

The original Colgems 45 an autographed photo, the picture sleeve and a pin all framed with Framerica frame moulding and preserved in conservation glass 15" wide X 35" long

Includes a MINT 45 of the hit song, “Pleasant Valley Sunday” the original picture sleeve, pin and a signed photo of the American pop quartet including Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork.

Click on the pic above to see a larger version.  For more information call 503-338-6056 or email

Dead Reckoning at the USCG Regional Exam Center in Portland

Hanging with the Coast Guard

Hanging with the Coast Guard

Thanks, Tony, for these photos of your new Dead Reckoning the Pacific Graveyard shipwreck chart hanging in your office at the United States Coast Guard Regional Exam Center in Portland, Oregon.
Tony has to say:
“Hello Bill,
Well I got my Dead Reckoning piece hung up in my office here with the Coast Guard Regional Exam Center in Portland; it looks really awesome and I am very pleased with it. Thanks! You did a great job on it.
Dead Reckoning office photo hanging with the Coast Guard
I have attached two photos of the piece on my wall; they aren’t the best photos as my office is some what small and hard to get a good shot, but at least you can get an idea of what it looks like; everyone here really likes it as well.

It was good meeting you and I hope to get down to Astoria one of these days again and will try to look you up if I can; you are also welcome to come here to my office in Portland if you would like any time.

Thanks again,
Tony Sellers”


See it all (well, almost)!
The slideshow gallery linked above contains a mere sampling of every topic we cover.
It started with the Lewis & Clark maps, but now there is no limit to the possibilities:
Celebrity and historical autographed photos, sports, comics, local historic events, everything eventually gathers under the definition of History in VogueTM!
If you would like to commission a custom, or inquire as to availability of a numbered edition, please
contact us at 503-338-6056 or email
Links (more galleries):
The postmarks
American Motorcycle
Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard
The Beatles

Oh, what a feeling! Happy Birthday!

Bill is one lucky guy: His 80th birthday will be unforgettable by virtue of this one superlative gift:

Autographed (COA included) by Rod Martin, the hero of 1980 Superbowl XV  Oakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles, featuring two original (one in the back to read) 1981 Sports Illustrated magazine (pre- and post-Superbowl), custom matted, framed and boxed by NW Limited...History in Vogue

Framed, matted and custom-boxed, this tribute to the Oakland Raiders' Rod Martin and his heroic 1980 Superbowl XV win vs. the Philadelphia Raiders features Martin's autograph, 2 original Sports Illustrated magazines and is a one of one by NW Limited...History in Vogue

Happy Birthday, Bill!






(click on the “wow” for our gallery)





In Las Vegas

The Beatles I Want to Hold Your Hand 45 presented by NW Limited...History in Vogue
The Beatles All You Need is Love
The Beatles Michelle framed 45, pins and royal mail postmarks, for sale by NW Limited...History in Vogue in Las Vegas

The Beatles Hello Goodbye framed tribute to the Beatles, a great gift for the Beatles fan

Beatles Hey Jude framed art for sale including original, vintage 45 and pins
The Beatles Love Me Do
The Beatles The Ballad of John and Yoko
The Beatles I Want to Hold Your Hand
The Beatles Rain 45 with NEMS pin and Royal Mail stamps and postmark
The Beatle Back in the USSR Rain 45 with NEMS pin and Royal Mail stamps and postmark
The Beatle Back in the USSR Rain 45 with NEMS pin and Royal Mail stamps and postmark

Batman autographed
Wolverine autographed by Hugh Jackman
Brandon Routh as Superman, autographed, framed picture
Autographed (PSA/DNA) by James Maitland Stewart

Yoda the Jedi Master framed Star Wars collectible

At the Crab and Wine Fest in Astoria

All said and done!
Several pieces have found new homes, other shoppers went home with the only regret they’ll ever experience with NW Limited, and that’s NOT BUYING!

View from Friday evening’s festivities:

The shipwreck chart was admired by many.
Every single piece is handmade with pride right here in Clatsop County, Oregon, USA.
Did you miss your chance to take home the ultimate locally-made souvenir of your trip to Astoria?
We ship, and we take plastic, just in case you did miss something, or want to reserve a future build. 503-338-6056 or

Spiderman…is back! In black!

Spidey will be at the Second Genesis Comic Book Show this Sunday, April 13, in Portland, Oregon at the Memorial Coliseum.  Also there will be a great-looking Batman autographed picture, a Batman/Green Lantern comic (you will see these very soon), Thor variant cover that will just blow you away. Also Mr. Jackman down there will be in attendance. 
Here’s #13 signed by Tobey Maguire (upside down, in true Spidey-style!), complete with Marvel stamps and first-day-issue postmarks! 11″ X 14″ $200

Marvel Comics Wolverine #11 signed by the X-Men actor, Hugh Jackman
11″ X 14′ custom framed, matted, stamps and postmarks included $200
contact: 503-338-6056
These amazing pieces, as well as select others,  will be available at the Second Genesis Comic Show this weekend, Sunday the 13th of April at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon.  Come see!