It’s your birthday

…it is!

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Birthday present

From Joanne!

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Happy Birthday Bill!

A very “History in Vogue” birthday song…

(where ever you may be!)

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Alive or Dead?

Great website with definitive answers to these questions: Dates, and living or dead status of celebrities, political and sports figures.

In case you were wondering…

Ron Perlman - alive (click to see more at our website)

Ron Perlman - alive (click to see more at our website)

Jimmy Stewart - Dead

Jimmy Stewart - Dead

Frank Sinatra - Dead

Frank Sinatra - Dead

James Earl Jones - Alive

James Earl Jones - Alive

Christian Bale - Alive.  Heath Ledger - Dead

Christian Bale - Alive. Heath Ledger - Dead (this piece is sold)

 These are just a sampling of the historic events we have included in our limited editions.
Alive or dead, they are super-exclusive with original autographs (COAs always included) the USPS first day-issue stamps and postmarks as the limiting factor.
Interested in learning more? 
Click on any of the above images to be transported to the category they belong to, or email or call 503-338-6056

Oh, what a feeling! Happy Birthday!

Bill is one lucky guy: His 80th birthday will be unforgettable by virtue of this one superlative gift:

Autographed (COA included) by Rod Martin, the hero of 1980 Superbowl XV  Oakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles, featuring two original (one in the back to read) 1981 Sports Illustrated magazine (pre- and post-Superbowl), custom matted, framed and boxed by NW Limited...History in Vogue

Framed, matted and custom-boxed, this tribute to the Oakland Raiders' Rod Martin and his heroic 1980 Superbowl XV win vs. the Philadelphia Raiders features Martin's autograph, 2 original Sports Illustrated magazines and is a one of one by NW Limited...History in Vogue

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Project Happy Birthday William!

The world is yours!

Pictures tell all...the world is yours!

See this post to see what Lon got for his good friend William’s birthday

Happy Birthday, William!

Whos dese guyz?

Who's dese guyz?

To give or to get, History in VogueTM makes for an unforgettable event!

Money. Power. Respect.

Al Pacino’s portrayal of Tony “Scarface” Montana 25 years ago has had far-reaching effects on entertainment history. These are reflected in the truths of real life, and of course inspiration from life is part of the reason this movie was made.
It stands to reason, then, that NW Limited…History in VogueTM would find a way (by request as a gift this time) to immortalize this pop culture icon:

14 X 11 framed, autographed by the star of Scarface, Al Pacino

A NW Limited...History in Vogue custom 14" X 11" framed, autographed by the star of Scarface, Al Pacino - sold

You need to see this one in person to appreciate it. There’s even more to this one than you see here, so click on (the pic) to see everything else that Bill assembled to create the ultimate Scarface gift!
To discuss your custom, or find “the one” within our History in Vogue editions, call 503-338-6056 or email






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Happy Birthday, Cindy!

Cindy Mohler of Albuquerque, NM has 46 candles on her birthday cake, today!
What’s in the box?

This handsome 1 of 1 with an autograph of Leonard Bernstein, a first-day-issue stamp and postmark, signed by the man who assembled and built it all: your brother, William D. Brooks III!

Happy Birthday, strike up the band!