50’s Fins & Chrome by way of American Graffiti

What are we on about?
The first Fifties Fins and Chrome piece is finished and ready for sale!

Each authentic autograph is displayed behind conservation glass in an 11 X 14 Framerica frame custom-built and ready to hang. $300

All autographs, stamps and first day issue postmarks are displayed on acid-free mats and behind conservation glass using Framerica frame moulding. $300

Here it is, a scene from the movie American Graffiti starring Ron Howard and Cindy Williams leaning against a 1958 Edsel, matted with the first day of issue postmarks (both digital and hand cancel) and stamps commemorating America’s love affair with classic cars; notably the decades of 1950-1960 where the cars looked like they could fly or swim and gleamed as they cruised the blacktop, decked out in all their finny, chromed glory.

Keep an eye on this edition, or drop us a line and let us know which 1950’s memory you’d like to own. 

503-338-6056 for inquiries.