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Batwoman timeline

Where will Batwoman figure in the universe?
Gay League – Gotham’s Bastard Hero?

DC Comics' Batwoman framed matted with USPS DC Comics postage stamps and postmark. Great gift!
11″ X 14″ DC Comics Batwoman #30 (click on image for a larger version)
First-day-issue stamps and postmarks from the USPS make her part of a very exclusive, limited edition.
We think she’s part of pop-culture history!
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The Tao of Wow…

Wow is a word that crosses language barriers; there is no mistaking what it means.
For those that aren’t so sure:

wow 1 (wou) Informal
Used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure.
An outstanding success.
tr.v. wowed, wow·ing, wows
To have a strong, usually pleasurable effect on: a performance that wowed the audience.

We specialize in “WOW“.
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Dear George

Now that you’re here, Paul the Lovebird has a message for you (click to see):

The bride wore

…a cape and mask?
A month later than originally planned, a federal court has ordered that Oregon’s domestic partnership law is to go into effect today, the 4th of February.   News reports showed couples arriving as early as 4 a.m. to fill out the  necessary paperwork and begin to receive some of the rights and protections that a full marriage automatically receives. 
Diversity is not a new concept.  It is reflected in the popular arts, as well as much of what we now consider historic events.   
Why invite Ms. Kane? Hang with me a second, you’ll understand, soon.
Also known as DC Comics’ Batwoman, Kathy Kane has been around since 1956.  Interestingly enough, her arrival was meant to help dispel rumors of homosexuality in their Batman character.  By bringing a female love interest into the storyline, it was hoped that would end all speculation.  She continued to make appearances on up until September of 1979, when she was killed by the Bronze Tiger.
Fast forward to 2006: Kathy returns, as a lipstick lesbian!  Ironic?
As we know, art imitates life, and vice versa.   History is made in the expression of a changing society.
I’d wager that a framed, matted (with first-day issue DC Comics stamps and postmarks, as well as original tag art included) Batwoman from NW Limited would make the ultimate wedding gift.

11″ X 14″ DC Comics Batwoman #30 (click on image for a larger version)

Batwoman #29 (click the pic to see a larger image) (click this link to see more about Batwoman as presented by NW Limited)

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