Welcome home, Paul

That little lovebird is back from his two-week sojourn.
Despite rumors of his having joined a gang and terrorizing the county, or insinuations of his demise, Paul was instead hanging out in the home of a local construction worker (thanks to you!).
A small ad was placed in the local newspaper, and on the last day it was run, a call came in.
Just as the last little birdie-turd was scrubbed away, and plans for the palace cage’s recycle were firmed up, he is back…!

He will receive visitors (especially those bearing cash). 
Call 503-338-6056 or email bill@nwlimited.com to come and see his highness, and take home a souvenir.


We give up!

(This bit of sarcasm brought to you in honor of the Day of Fool’s the 1st of April…)

That’s right, the manufacturing of all NW Limited…History in VogueTM products will soon take place in CHINA, and the finished products shipped right back for sale in your favorite enormous box store.
We’d like to take this time to assure our loyal customers that every batch of handsome, historic, handmade units, designed by (but made in !!!) NW Limited (ooohhh look at the label!) will be tested stringently to ensure that toxicity levels are at an acceptable level. 
So safe, you can eat off ’em!
Don’t be fooled, just Wal(k s)mart(ly) away!
Happy April Fool’s Day (Cuz Made in China stinks!):

Lewis and Clark – the journey home

began two hundred and two years ago today on March 23, 1806.
Fort Clatsop was presented to the Indians for which it was named, and the expedition turned homeward.
Excerpts from Lewis and Clark’s respective journals read as follows:

March 23, 1806
Meriwether Lewis
at 1 P.M. we bid a final adieu to Fort Clatsop. we had not proceeded more than a mile before we met Delashelwilt and a party of 20 Chinnooks men and women. this Cheif lea[r]ning that we were in want of a canoe some days past, had brought us one for sale, but being already supplyed, we did not purchase it.

March 23, 1806
William Clark
at this place we had wintered and remained from the 7th of Decr. 1805 to this day and have lived as well as we had any right to expect, and we can say that we were never one day without 3 meals of some kind a day either pore Elk meat or roots, notwithstanding the repeated fall of rain which has fallen almost constantly since we passed the long narrows … indeed w[e] have had only [blank space in MS.] days fair weather since that time.”

Their journey had begun on May 14, 1804, and would end September 23, 1806 in St. Louis.
The Corps of Discovery was successful and history forever changed when the information they gathered, the territories they explored and mapped were reported upon their return.
Two hundred years later, the USPS would issue commemorative stamps to celebrate the bicentennial, as well as multiple first-day-of-issue postmarks.
These are featured here on the matting around a map of the expedition overlaid with the outline of present-day states, giving you a unique perspective at the magnitude of this heroic feat:

Lewis and Clark States Map by NW Limited…History in VogueTM $ $25000

Today, when you set out to scurry about the backyard looking for what the Easter bunny left behind…don’t forget those who forged a path in a new frontier, for the greater good.

All three Lewis & Clark maps by NW Limited.
(States, Black Map and Indian Nations)  Sweet dreams are made of this.

The Lewis & Clark Maps (you can purchase these directly from Bill by calling 503-338-6056 or email bill@nwlimited.com)
Lewis & Clark at PBS

The Tao of Wow…

Wow is a word that crosses language barriers; there is no mistaking what it means.
For those that aren’t so sure:

wow 1 (wou) Informal
Used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure.
An outstanding success.
tr.v. wowed, wow·ing, wows
To have a strong, usually pleasurable effect on: a performance that wowed the audience.

We specialize in “WOW“.
For giving or getting, NW Limited…History in VogueTM is in a class by itself.
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Bird fans

Paul, turn around!

Yo, Bill! Paul here…

Bring moar green chile fud. kthxbai.
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