Gavel & Hammer

Today beginning at 9 a.m., (NOW) the KAST On-Air auction will feature Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard, so call 503-325-2911 and check where the bidding stands, LISTEN IN and bid!  Bidding starts at .50 on the dollar, your chance to (maybe) get a chart for less than retail once the gavel drops!
In other news:

Signed by stars Christopher Lee and Caroline Munro, this is the ultimate Hammer Horror tribute with the Royal Mail first day issue stamps and postmarks commemorating British Cinema

Signed by stars Christopher Lee and Caroline Munro, this is the ultimate Hammer Horror tribute with the Royal Mail first day issue stamps and postmarks commemorating British Cinema click for larger image

#3 Hammer Horror arrived at completion and sold as soon as it was viewed by a previous customer!  Congratulations and thank you, Oliver of London, England!

This piece in our edition of 50 shows Christopher Lee and Caroline Munro in Dracula AD 1972.  In the photo, Drac is preparing to drain his victim. Each star has signed, and each signature comes with its own COA and topping it all is the Royal Mail’s first day issue stamps and postmarks commemorating British cinema.

A custom-built Studio moulding frame and conservation glass will keep Oliver enthralled with his History in VogueTM purchase. 

We rarely share the “finish” with you, but ours are unique in that Bill uses a hard back (rather than paper) on which he attaches a clear sleeve for storage of provenance: A letter of ownership personalized to you or a special someone, Certificates of Authenticity for any signatures, original packaging for pins or memorabilia to arrive at a superior gathering of history and an enduring collectible; the kind that becomes favorite, an heirloom.

503-338-6056 or to find out more!


KAST On-Air Auction 2011

On Saturday, January 22, beginning at 9 a.m. KAST radio in Astoria, Oregon is having its annual On-Air Auction and NW Limited…History in VogueTM has donated a Gift certificates towards purchase Bidding on all items starts at 50 cents on the dollar.
See the full list of items to be auctioned; you can start pre-bidding as early as Friday.
Listen in at 1370 AM, or you can listen to streaming audio online
Our work is available for viewing at Amazing Stories in Astoria, Oregon 11 am to 8 pm 7 days a week except Sunday open til 6 pm.

The Green Hornet

strikes again!

The Green Hornet is a 1 of 1, unique by NW Limited…History in VogueTM
 Featuring an original radio nostalgia collector’s issue book,  an authentic Van Williams signature (Williams portrayed the Green Hornet in the TV series, which also starred Bruce Lee as Kato), and Green Hornet vintage pin.
$200 as shown.
Dimensions are 11″ X 14″

Even the back is amazing! Included is a hand-signed 8″X10″ photograph of Van Williams. This also shows the hard backing which is standard here at NW Limited (no cheesy, fragile paper here), and all the details for which Bill is famous for.

That’s what’s new(est)!

If the rain comes…

I can show you, I can show you…

Rain.  I don’t mind.

Shine, the weather’s fine.

Can you hear me, that when it rains, and shines.

(When it rains and shines.)
It’s just a state of mind.

“Rain” was released in 1966 as the B-side to “Paperback Writer” and has been called The Beatles’ finest B-Side.
Could it also have been the very first music video?
“The inspiration for “Rain” is agreed on by Neil Aspinall, the Beatles’ roadie, and John Lennon. They both described the band’s arrival in Australia, marked by rain and poor weather.[6] Lennon said, “I’ve never seen rain as hard as that, except in Tahiti”, and later explained that “Rain” was “about people moaning about the weather all the time”.[7] ”  (from Wikipedia)
Backward, or forward, the historic Beatles song “Rain” as presented by NW Limited…History in VogueTM can be yours for $500.  Available now.
bill@nwlimited or 503-338-6056

On the radio today KAST 1370

Did you catch it?
Tuned to KAST am Radio 1370  from 4 pm to 5 pm, you would have heard Bill Brooks of NW Limited as a guest on the Dezmo Zone.