Joe Satriani, the “Silver Surfer”

This custom encompasses more than 27 years of Silver Surfer and Joe Satriani history...

This custom encompasses more than 27 years of Silver Surfer and Joe Satriani history...

The focus of this Silver Surfer/Joe Satriani custom is the original relase 45 “Surfing with the Alien” off of the album with the same name. 

The artwork for the album, released August 1987 was “borrowed” from Marvel Comics’ issue #1 June of 1982 Silver Surfer, page 6, panel 1.  No permission was ever granted for this although the album was re-issued in August 2007 for its 20th anniversary.  That  Legacy Edition artwork is displayed with the 45 and the comic is on the left surrounded by the USPS first day of issue stamps and postmarks commemorating Marvel Comics.

On the right, a photo of Joe Satriani is autographed and displayed with a Limited Edition “Silver Surfer” guitar pin.

In sleeves on the back you will find each item’s provenance as well as a duplicate comic to read.  No other gathering of entertainment fine art will you find to match this History in Vogue original and one of a kind.  It is the pinnacle of assemblage.

Everything is contained within a custom-built wood frame and protected by conservation glass.

We build customs occasionally by special request.  We have several pieces already finished and ready for purchase at so come claim your piece of History in VogueTM!

Superman: The Movie

In 1978, Christopher Reeve defined the role of Superman and Clark Kent in Superman: The Movie

Autographed by Christopher Reeve  $500

Autographed by Christopher Reeve $500

Bill located a People magazine dated January 8, 1978 autographed by the late actor, and matched it up with a pin from the same year, creating a micro-edition of just 15 Christopher Reeve DC Comics Superman signed pieces by NW Limited…History in VogueTM

Alive or Dead?

Great website with definitive answers to these questions: Dates, and living or dead status of celebrities, political and sports figures.

In case you were wondering…

Ron Perlman - alive (click to see more at our website)

Ron Perlman - alive (click to see more at our website)

Jimmy Stewart - Dead

Jimmy Stewart - Dead

Frank Sinatra - Dead

Frank Sinatra - Dead

James Earl Jones - Alive

James Earl Jones - Alive

Christian Bale - Alive.  Heath Ledger - Dead

Christian Bale - Alive. Heath Ledger - Dead (this piece is sold)

 These are just a sampling of the historic events we have included in our limited editions.
Alive or dead, they are super-exclusive with original autographs (COAs always included) the USPS first day-issue stamps and postmarks as the limiting factor.
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I’ve got sunshine…on a cloudy day

What can make me feel this way?

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