Heath Ledger & Christian Bale autographed

Two new ones, both autographed, one by deceased actor Heath Ledger alone, the other by both Ledger and Bale, the stars of DC Comics’ “Dark Knight” movie, arguably the best of the Batman movies and certainly acting performances worthy of note.

Joker/Dark Knight piece is #3 in our edition of only 7 $425 Christian Bale and Heath Ledger signed photo from The Dark Knight movie, and featuring USPS first-day-issue stamps and postmarks, this is #3 of 7 and sold

Joker/Dark Knight piece is #3 in our edition of only 7 Christian Bale and Heath Ledger signed photo from The Dark Knight movie, and featuring USPS first-day-issue stamps and postmarks, this is #3 of 7, it is sold but others are available

Autographed by Heath Ledger, this DC Comics Joker/Dark Knight piece is #3 in our edition of only 7

Autographed by "The Joker" Heath Ledger, this is #3 of only 7 pieces by NW Limited...History in Vogue this one is sold but others will be available

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Here’s a list of our flash galleries illustrating a sampling of the vast range of historic events we cover, and have covered.
From one of ones to one in a thousand, all are unique, and any can be customized for you (click on the big, bold words to be transported):

An overview of all editions and customs: WOW
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American Motorcycle edition of 90: American Motorcycle
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Dark Knight vs. Iron Man

If you ask Robert Downey, Jr, who seems to have an opinion on the matter:
He admits that DC Comics’ Dark Knight made him feel “dumb” and in need of a college education, likening the movie to a Ferrari engine.  Downey also alluded that there was too much going on in the plot.
His parting shot was (and I quote): “You know what? F**k DC comics. That’s all I have to say and that’s where I’m really coming from.”

Ironman Comic from the movie signed by Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr. is Tony Stark in Marvel Comics' Iron Man

Heath Ledger portrays the Joker in DC Comics' Dark Knight

Have you an opinion on which is the better bit of entertainment?
Or do you think they’re both great movies, just different?
Go with the numbers (Dark Knight took approx. 155 mil its first weekend, and is the third highest-grossing domestic film of all time with $442 million in sales as it topped the movie chart for a fourth straight weekend, Iron Man raked in about 107 mil opening weekend…) or cast your vote:
Either of the above are available for purchase. 
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DC Comics at NW Limited…History in VogueTM
Marvel Comics at NW Limited…History in VogueTM
/Film – “Robert Downey, Jr. Disses the Dark Knight”
Robert Downey, Jr. talks Iron Man 2 article at Film School Rejects
Heath Ledger at IMDB






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Where’s Batwoman?

DC Comics' Batwoman is out and she can be yours from NW Limited...History in Vogue

Diversity is not a new concept.
It is reflected in the popular arts, as well as much of what we now consider historic events:
Also known as DC Comics’ Batwoman, Kathy Kane has been around since 1956. 
Interestingly enough, her arrival was meant to help dispel rumors of homosexuality in their Batman character.  By bringing a female love interest into the storyline, it was hoped that her presence would end all speculation of Batman’s gender preference.  
Kathy/Batwoman continued to make appearances up until September of 1979, when she was killed by the Bronze Tiger.
Fast forward to 2006: Kathy Kane returns, as a lipstick lesbian!  Ironic?
As we know, art imitates life, and vice versa.  
History is made in the expression of a changing society.

DC Comics' Batwoman framed matted with USPS DC Comics postage stamps and postmark. Great gift!
11″ X 14″ DC Comics Batwoman #30 (click on image for a larger version)
First-day-issue stamps and postmarks from the USPS make her part of a very exclusive, limited edition:

Now you know why Batwoman is the perfect example of “History in VogueTM“!
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Batwoman #30 at Etsy (ready for immediate shipping)
Batwoman Hero returns as lesbian BBC News
Batwoman’s other secret identity turns heads CNN.com
The Bride Wore (Oregon’s Domestic Partnership Law)


ous and new:

Ironman Comic from the movie signed by Robert Downey, Jr.
Marvel Comics “Ironman” #5 including an authentic autograph
by Robert Downey, Jr. (COA included) 11″ X 14″ $225


Marvel Comics' Wolverine signed by Hugh Jackman
Marvel Comics’ Wolverine #6 by NW Limited…History in VogueTM
11″ X 14″ $225

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The Bat-Man goes to Portland, Oregon

with him, the Green Lantern.  Tagging along will be DC Comics’ Thor (click image for larger):
DC Comics Batman by NW Limited...History in Vogue, a perfect gift!
Batman/Green Lantern $150 11″ X 14″ custom framed, matted with the DC Stamps and first-day-issue postmarks. Buy it this weekend at the Second Genesis Comic Book Show on Sunday, April 13, 2008.

Or call 503-338-6056 email bill@nwlimited.com

Marvel Comics Thor #3 by NW Limited…History in VogueTM $150 as shown.
Complete with custom box, letter of ownership and duplicate comic in a sleeve on the back.

The Incredible Hulk

The trailer is in theaters this weekend!
Slated for release June 13, the movie stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and Tim Roth.
The big, buff, green guy is back.
He’s been a Marvel Comics favorite since May of 1962, when he first appeared.

Marvel Comics Hulk #11 in an edition of 20 framed with first-day-issue stamps and postmarks by NW Limited…History in VogueTM
This piece also features original tag art by Brian Komm
-SOLD- (inquire as to availability)
503-338-6056 or bill@nwlimited.com


skies at night, sailor’s delight. Red in the morning, sailors take warning…”
So goes the oft-quoted maritime adage.
The color red is often associated with love…
NW Limited…History in VogueTM proudly presents:

DC Comics’ Superman #9 of a limited run of 15 autographed pieces. $200
Complete with stamps, postmarks as well as the autograph of Brandon Routh, star of Superman Returns! COA for the signature comes with, along with your personalized letter of ownership.

Jimmy Stewart #28/50. $200
You get the USPS commemorative stamp and first-day-issue postmark, a high-quality photo reproduced from an original negative…and…a certified authentic autograph by Jimmy himself!
This gathering of historic Hollywood memorabilia is incomparable to anything else you will find for sale.
Don’t forget the box!
Each piece comes custom-boxed to you.
If you’ve got a Jimmy Stewart or Superman fan on your “give” list, or someone to impress, these will do the job.
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