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A happy birthday

A happy birthday











“I am just FLOORED!!!!!!! I recieved the package you sent out to me this morning and I am truely humbled!!!! What a GORGEOUS piece of history!!!!!! Man….I am pretty much speechless……hubby was with me when I opened it and he just sat there staring at it.
Then I told him all about it and about yours and my conversations and he was amazed that Bill did up this intricate piece!!!
It’s so complete!!! Bill did the frame too right? It’s even got the mounting rope in the back. It all looks so “time period”!! It will have a place in my livingroom for sure! Time to redecorate and move some wall hangings around.
I feel so humbled to now own a piece of history like this……this is just AMAZING!!!! Thank you 100 times over!!!!!
I LOVED the box frame it came in. Hubby was looking at it in and out…and was very impressed. He’s like “wow” this and that….”wow”…this and more of that…LOL!!!”
~Cheyenne~ in New Jersey

“My son loved his framed comic!  He rearranged his entire room to display it.  Thank you!”
-Astoria, Oregon

“I found the perfect gift for my Dad. He’s so difficult to impress, but your Lewis & Clark States Map (and the box!) are amazing. Thank you for making this available; he loves it.”
-Liz in Astoria, OR

“Thank you SO MUCH for the Lewis & Clark map! It is absolutely beautiful and fascinating, and my exact idea of what I love to hang in our home!”
-susanne of Scappoose, OR

“The Fett is hanging proudly on my wall and it radiates through the room as if it were the second coming!”

-Bryce of Warrenton, OR

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  1. Hi: Just previewed all the latest “stuff” Looks

    great – boggles my mind


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