Dr. Love(bird) gives advice on

the way to a girl’s heart (he can’t help it, it’s in his dna, he’s a lovebird…):

Paul says, “Apparently you and your girl’ve been through a bit of a rough patch.  Not that Paul reads the personals in the Daily Astorian, or anything.  (He usually uses newspapers for another purpose)
George, I know Eileen is a James Bond fan, (wouldn’t she just flip to receive an autographed, certified authentic, original photo of Roger Moore?) and she also loves the Beatles.   She’s already got all their records, so why not something different, something custom and unique?
She ‘s also a local history buff, and would love a Lewis & Clark map. 
Any of the three variations (Indian Nations, States or Black)  would thrill her. 
If you’re feeling really cagey, you could reserve a “Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard shipwreck chart” framed, matted, and complete with photos of some of the featured shipwrecks, the lost fishing vessels list (printed on an antique letter press on handmade paper!), as well as custom stamps and postmarks!
It just doesn’t get any better than that.
Email Bill for details, or just give him a call: 503-338-6056
If that isn’t enough to put you on the road to blissful
coexistence, Paul happens to know that Eileen has
been daydreaming about
the open road, the wind in her hair…
and George, buddy, you could truly blow her mind by presenting her with one of these American Motorcycle tributes.   (click on the pic of the babes with the bike to see more about these great pieces of custom history)
Each piece comes custom-boxed and with a personalized letter (in your case, George, a little apology won’t hurt, either). 
So you see, that bouquet of flowers will soon be composting out back, and the chocolate will be the bane of her hours at the gym, but a gift from NW Limited…History in VogueTM will reminder her forever that you thought so much to listen to Paul, the Dr. of Love(bird)’s sage advice!
Besides, I need a sack of seed.
Indulge her; after what you did (or shall we say didn’t do?), a gift like any these will show her that you truly know what she enjoys, and her craving for the finest does not go unnoticed by such an astute and caring partner.
I won’t even tell you what she said about Batwoman. (that’s another column)
Don’t let this opportunity to impress her pass you by, cuz if you do…
(click above to see Paul’s credentials in relationship counseling and couples’ therapy. Tongue-in-beak, of course.)

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