Beatles in the garage

A long lost Beatles interview will air on the BBC.
Recorded in 1964, the 44-year-old film features Lennon and McCartney discussing their meeting and songwriting partnership.
Tune in on Tuesday, and again later this week.
Listen to the BBC
The BBC site, with a clip from the interview
Lost Beatles Tape to Air on BBC

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News & Pics from the Fest for Beatles in Vegas

NW Limited...History in Vogue at the Fest for Beatles 2008




Nice lift (too close to the merchandise…sheesh!), didn’t damage anything, and the Fest has just now started.
Here’s a shoutout to Dave Haber of Paperblog Writer Beatles Blog at What Goes On! (thanks for the stop-in!)! Hey, Jude as photographed by David Haber of The Beatles Blog at                  

At right, a photo posted/taken by David Haber, today, Sunday the 29th of June, at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Las Vegas from his blog. Click here for David’s blog, Paperblog Writer
Evel Knievel autographed American Motorcycle by NW Limited...History in Vogue
Glenn of Visalia, CA took home this Evel Knievel autographed American Motorcycle. 

Thanks, Glenn, enjoy your purchase!

Annnd we’re off! (keep watching for updates!)

Thank you to our remote reporter “4” for the pics and your time!

Embracing Commercialism
David Haber’s Live Blog from the Fest for Beatles

The Beatles!

Beatles Love and Reunions This Weekend in Vegas!
We’ll be there with sequins on!
Come and see our completely unique, all-original Beatles tributes.

If the rain comes…

I can show you, I can show you…

Rain.  I don’t mind.

Shine, the weather’s fine.

Can you hear me, that when it rains, and shines.

(When it rains and shines.)
It’s just a state of mind.

“Rain” was released in 1966 as the B-side to “Paperback Writer” and has been called The Beatles’ finest B-Side.
Could it also have been the very first music video?
“The inspiration for “Rain” is agreed on by Neil Aspinall, the Beatles’ roadie, and John Lennon. They both described the band’s arrival in Australia, marked by rain and poor weather.[6] Lennon said, “I’ve never seen rain as hard as that, except in Tahiti”, and later explained that “Rain” was “about people moaning about the weather all the time”.[7] ”  (from Wikipedia)
Backward, or forward, the historic Beatles song “Rain” as presented by NW Limited…History in VogueTM can be yours for $500.  Available now.
bill@nwlimited or 503-338-6056

The Beatles Bug Out

for Deep Space:
Monday, February 4, at 7 pm EST (that’s 4 pm for us left-coasters), NASA will be beaming the song “Across the Universe” straight towards Polaris via its Deep Space Network.  The occasion, or occasions, more correctly, are the 40th anniversaries of both NASA’s Deep Space Network and the Beatles’ recording of that song, also the 50th anniversary of NASA’s founding.
Polaris is 431 light years away from here. Even at 186,000 miles per second, the speed at which the song will be travelling, that’s a long trip.
The Beatles make history again!
NW Limited has far more fitting tributes, for any occasion of your choosing.
Below are some examples of our Beatles series.

 Beatles #38 Back in the USSR  $500

 Beatles #33 Yellow Submarine $500

          Beatles #39 “Rain”  $400

Detail, lower left corner of “Rain” #39 showing postmark detail and vintage pin

These pieces began with England’s Royal Mail Beatles Album Cover postage stamps which were issued January 9, 2007 and a first-day-issue postmark, which ensures that these remain an exclusive commodity. Included within is a 45 rpm (songs vary), which is the centerpiece. Frequently, there are pins or other memorabilia added which are from the same era.
These have been extremely popular and yet they are finite. The universe, on the other hand, much less so. NASA invites you to play along, Monday night, but wouldn’t you rather have the ultimate Beatles tribute for yourself?
For an idea of what’s currently available in The Beatles line, contact Bill.
News Links:
Beatles Song to be Beamed Into Space
NASA and The Beatles Celebrate Anniversaries by Beaming Song ‘Across The Universe’ Into Deep Space
Doesn’t this terrestrial being look happy with his Beatles tribute?

What’s Martian for WOW?