The F/V Fargo 1982

Our list of lost fishing vessels of the Pacific Graveyard is unparalleled, and as such, we just had no room to tell the individual stories of these boats that sank, instead listed simply as “to respect and remember” the neighbors, friends and family lost at sea.
Author Abigail Calkin, Ph. D. is writing a book based on the F/V Fargo, a 52-ft. trawler which sank in 1982.
Here is a link to her story hosted on Scroll In Space, the title is “Against the Net”.
Abigail’s contact information is as follows, and NW Limited…History in Vogue thanks her for permission to link to her story behind the date and name on our list that relates to the F/V Fargo.
Abigail B. Calkin, Ph.D.
POB 238
Gustavus, AK (Alaska) 99826
tel 907-697-2825
fax 907-697-2765
cell 907-957-1687
For more information on our shipwreck chart combined with the list of lost fishing vessels of the Pacific Graveyard (Oregon and Washington coasts and lower Columbia River), please visit our website
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West coast fishery most deadly

An AP article published April 25, 2008 claims that the coasts of Oregon, Washington and California have claimed more lives even than Alaska waters, including the Bering Sea, where Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch is filmed. (Click to read the article)
“The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health released a report Thursday detailing the hazards of fishing off the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington. The report said those three states combined for a fatality rate more than twice as high as the national commercial fishing average between the years of 2000 and 2006.”
One of the somber features of Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard includes a list of lost fishing vessels from the region. It is the most complete list of lost fishing vessels to date. The list was obtained from multiple local, long-time fishermen, their families, local publications and Coast Guard reports.
A list of lost fishing vessels from the Oregon and Washington coast
A detail photo of the lost fishing vessels list, printed on handmade paper using an antique letter press by Oblation Papers in Portland, Oregon.
The result is a respectful, enduring memorial to the lives lost in the commercial fishing industry of the Oregon and Washington coasts.
The list is featured on the premium framed chart by NW Limited…History in VogueTM as shown below:

Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard by NW Limited...History in Vogue of Astoria, Oregon

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Fishing for words?

If you’re in town for the 11th annual Fisher Poet’s Gathering, you might come on up to NW Limited…History in VogueTM and have a look at our newest offering of Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard, featuring a list of the lost fishing vessels from the region. We are just two minutes from downtown on the hillside overlooking the Columbia River. Call for your appointment: 503-338-6056
The commercial fishing industry is a dangerous one, and while many of the boats on the list went down without a life lost (and often thanks to the heroic United States Coast Guard), there will always be those vessel names associated with the sudden loss of peers.
The list of fishing vessels is featured on handmade paper, and printed using an antique letter press; giving a tactile depth to the dates and the names which are so evocative of a way of life on the edge.
This is just one aspect of this magnificent gathering of maritime history, one which encompasses the lives of those we lost while working on the sea, and the memories we all share as part of this community. 
The list of lost vessels in itself speaks volumes of the ultimate price paid for the living made on the sea.  Where words fail, all that is needed are the dates and the names…most of us know the rest.
Custom tributes within this run of 500 matted, framed charts are more than welcome, since each framed chart is hand-built and assembled right here in Astoria, Oregon.
Call or email Bill to see how we can immortalize your memories. 503-338-6056