Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil.

Low on gas…

Army of Darkness 11 X 14 framed photo autographed (COAs always included) by star Bruce Campbell and director Sam Raimi  and a 1992 original issue Army of Darkness pin by Leading Edge Games of California.  All this for $250 ready to hang (please click image for a larger version)

Army of Darkness 11" X 14" framed photo autographed (COAs always included) by star Bruce Campbell and director Sam Raimi for sale (please click image for a larger version)

Army of Darkness” (1992) Ash (portrayed by Bruce Campbell), the hero, is pictured at left in this newly finished, framed event by NW Limited…History in VogueTM of Astoria, Oregon.
Completely custom-built, it also features acid-free matting, Studio molding and conservation glass so that it will last long into to the future.
Nothing else like it anywhere, it is signed by the builder, Bill Brooks himself.
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Three’s a charm:

American Motorcycle #33 w/autographs by
Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson! COA included…(SOLD)

James Bond #22
Autographed by Sean Connery w/COA…$225

Star Wars #30
Autographs by Frank Oz (Yoda’s voice) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) 


Sean Connery in Astoria?

Astoria’s no stranger to celebrity sightings.  More than a handful of movies have been filmed here, and during those times it’s interesting to hear the gossip around town relating to locals’ experiences with these usually distant icons. 
A few stars have even shown up sporadically just to take in the beauty of the Sunset Empire, a/k/a Astoria, or do a little whale watching along the coast.  Maybe they heard about the legendary beachcombing following our winter storms. Just maybe they are scouting the location of their next big production.
This latest inuendo is of great interest, considering the debut of NW Limited’s James Bond tribute series:
Rumor has it that none other than Academy Award winner, recipient of the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and oft-voted sexiest man alive, Sean Connery, also the star of multiple James Bond movies, as well as other Hollywood greats, was spotted in none other than Astoria, Oregon.  Who was the lady on his arm?  Further speculation arrived at the conclusion that it was his once-costar, Lana Wood who played Plenty O’Toole in the James Bond classic, Diamonds Are Forever. It wasn’t just her name that left audiences enchanted, and sources say that though she and Mr. Connery were in a rush, Ms. Wood still has “plenty” to talk about. Sean must have thought so, too, as they rushed off to their unknown destination.
No comments were made as to the reason for the visit to the north coast.
Astoria must be just far enough off the beaten path to provide respite from the paparazzi.  Unfortunately, no photos exist of their hasty stop.
It was surmised that they paused just long enough to sign a few autographs.  Who was that lucky fan that got those much-sought-after signatures?  If it was you, let us know!
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