Comic Con International

Comic Con International 2009 starts today in San Diego!

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and don’t miss our DC Comics and Marvel Comics-themed limited editions, signed numbered and ready to hang; History in VogueTM does the comics justice!

Heath Ledger signed this limited edition for sale at $600 (click to visit our site)
Heath Ledger signed this limited edition for sale at $600 (click to visit our site)

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503-338-6056 to find out what’s
available or possible in the way of customs!
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Happy Birthday, Cindy!

Cindy Mohler of Albuquerque, NM has 46 candles on her birthday cake, today!
What’s in the box?

This handsome 1 of 1 with an autograph of Leonard Bernstein, a first-day-issue stamp and postmark, signed by the man who assembled and built it all: your brother, William D. Brooks III!

Happy Birthday, strike up the band!

Were you on the list?

Today was a day of gathering. 
Each piece by NW Limited…History in VogueTM is comprised of multiple elements that require careful selection, discrimination of quality, and considerate handling to arrive at the shop in order to become the elite collectible and beautiful display you experience when you purchase History in VogueTM.
That adds up to a road trip!
The big, blue van was pointed East along the shores of the mighty Columbia River destined for Portland, for pieces and parts.

Frame molding, ship pictures, bubble wrap and bags were on the list.  Beatles 45’s were found, also, to finish a current (and very exciting) vision Bill’s bringing to life as well as one for a future piece.

A little recreation in the form of visiting the Portland Music Company to pick up a new item.  So new it is not in stock, but will be shipped once it’s manufactured! 
Rob (our guide for this magical mystery tour) was great help; friendly and informative.
We couldn’t cajole him into climbing up on the stage and demonstrating his percussive skills, though.
It’s ok; we still love ya, Rob.

Thanks, Rob!

If you’re curious, call…or drop by! 503-338-6056 or