Batman Begins

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#6 of 15, originally autographed by Christian Bale and Katie Holmes, stars of the movie “Batman Begins”.
DC Comics first-day-issue stamps and postmark, and a bonus first-day-issue postmark from Comic Con in San Diego, California!
Great for graduation, or a Father’s Day WOW!
$200 plus shipping
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I’ve got sunshine…on a cloudy day

What can make me feel this way?

My maps!
Shipwreck charts are bringing sunny dispositions to their owners.
Want to brighten up your forecast?
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Lucky 13

The number 13 is attached to many superstitious beliefs.  Often thought to be an omen for misfortune, there are still others that prefer the opposite approach, believing the number to be the symbol of a charmed existence.
Here are a couple of NW Limited‘s “lucky” 13s for you to consider:
A Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard (#13!) has gone home with its fortunate owner:

Number 113 “little” Lewis & Clark States Map, home from the front lines:

Bill likes to send his work out into the world to see how they handle the stress and strain, the mishaps of existing in a messy environment, or a high-traffic one. Placement is key, and History in Vogue can often be found in the most rigorous conditions.
We’re not divulging the location where this little number did its time, but it looks damn good for its veteran status.
N(ot) F(or) S(ale).
Others like it can be had for $85, and with a minimum of care, it will never look like ol’ lucky, there.
Have you encountered NW Limited…History in VogueTM somewhere in your travels?

The Green Hornet

strikes again!

The Green Hornet is a 1 of 1, unique by NW Limited…History in VogueTM
 Featuring an original radio nostalgia collector’s issue book,  an authentic Van Williams signature (Williams portrayed the Green Hornet in the TV series, which also starred Bruce Lee as Kato), and Green Hornet vintage pin.
$200 as shown.
Dimensions are 11″ X 14″

Even the back is amazing! Included is a hand-signed 8″X10″ photograph of Van Williams. This also shows the hard backing which is standard here at NW Limited (no cheesy, fragile paper here), and all the details for which Bill is famous for.

That’s what’s new(est)!