This day in history: Lewis & Clark

205 years ago today; August 31, 1803, at 11 a.m. local time, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (Lewis and Clark) left Pittsburgh. Their destination was the Pacific Ocean.
On November 20, 1805, they achieved that goal.

A significant day in history, and worthy of a tribute like this one by NW Limited…History in VogueTM:

Lewis & Clark framed historic map with USPS Stamps and first-day-issue postmarks commemorating the Corps of Discoverys journey $275 (click the image for ordering info)

Lewis & Clark framed historic map with USPS Stamps and first-day-issue postmarks commemorating the Corps of Discovery's journey $275 (click the image for ordering info)

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Remembering Lewis and Clark 205 years later Brittanica Blog article

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This one’s for you:

Lewis & Clark "States" map, matted with USPS first-day-issue stamps and postmarks and custom-framed by NW Limited

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Have a spare $100,000 lying around?
If so, you could be the owner of a unique, historic document from 1809, signed by both Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, best known for their expedition to the Pacific in 1804-1806.
The document, a land sale by Lewis, was witnessed by Clark, and is rare for the simple fact that it does bear both signatures on the same sheet of paper. It comes from the collection of Dr. Robert Small of New York.
An interesting observation is that the sale and signing was just a few weeks prior to Lewis’ death on the Natchez Trace in Tennessee.
So get your numbers, and break out those checkbooks; the document is anticipated to sell for $80,000 to $120,000.  Tomorrow, April 3rd is the auction date!

On the other hand, a NW Limited…History in VogueTM Lewis and Clark States, Indian Nations or Black map complete with the signature of William Brooks III, their creator, is easily acquired for $250.00!
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Document signed by Lewis & Clark for sale

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