HMS Bounty delayed by weather, will miss Ilwaco

Breaking news:
The HMS Bounty stayed moored to avoid a strong headwind and tough seas from Bodega Bay, and will not arrive in Ilwaco as planned this weekend.
The tall ship simply can’t make enough headway against the adverse conditions to make the event in time.
Instead, they are planning a stop in Coos Bay for fuel, and on to Port Angeles on their way to Victoria, BC. They were able to leave Bodega Bay just this morning (Thursday). Not enough time to arrive in Ilwaco.
Disappointing news, however not unexpected in light of the nasty weather pattern the left coast has been trapped in.

The Lynx will be in Ilwaco as planned, and the USCG Cutter Eagle is currently docked in Astoria near the Columbia River Maritime Museum.
Safe travel to the Bounty!

The Bounty navigating rough seas near Bodega Bay
Video showing the Bounty from the same blog
Bounty not coming Daily Astorian

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Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard shipwreck chart

The “Pacific Graveyard” has been claiming victims ever since man endeavored to set sail over these treacherous waters. 
Ships, boats, men and cargo have been lost over centuries.
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