Look who came to our Sunday Market booth

Koko hangs out at the coolest booth at the Market on Sunday

Koko the homie

This handsome fellow is Koko (short for Kokopelli).
He loves History in Vogue (obviously!)!
Thanks, Koko, for showing some love.

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Welcome home, Paul

That little lovebird is back from his two-week sojourn.
Despite rumors of his having joined a gang and terrorizing the county, or insinuations of his demise, Paul was instead hanging out in the home of a local construction worker (thanks to you!).
A small ad was placed in the local newspaper, and on the last day it was run, a call came in.
Just as the last little birdie-turd was scrubbed away, and plans for the palace cage’s recycle were firmed up, he is back…!

He will receive visitors (especially those bearing cash). 
Call 503-338-6056 or email bill@nwlimited.com to come and see his highness, and take home a souvenir.

Bird fans

Paul, turn around!

Yo, Bill! Paul here…

Bring moar green chile fud. kthxbai.
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