Yoda hangs out

 Yoda's purchasers are pretty happy!Chris and George purchased Yoda!~

He’ll get to hang in the movie room.

Thanks for your patronage!

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Another week of Mondays

(every day is Monday when you’re the sole proprietor of a business)
This week, Bill is industriously building shipwreck charts to fill existing orders.

NW Limited Made in the USA

The website is undergoing a major update, and James Andrew
of Blank Zebra is working behind the scenes towards a grand unveiling.
As always, the process of gathering components for the multitude of History in VogueTM pieces continues concurrently.
The first Sunday Market is in the bag. The weather was less than ideal, but it’s off and rolling, now.
If you live in the northwest, stop by at the market and see what’s available. The NW Limited booth is located across from the Elliot Hotel on 12th St.
Our products are all made in Oregon, and of course, made in the USA.
If you don’t see the gift or piece you’d like to own, be sure and tell Bill what you’re looking for.
Chances are your perfect match is already in inventory or can be built.
The range of History in Vogue is limitless, and every piece is intuitively planned and expertly executed so that when it is finished, it feels like you custom-ordered it!
If it’s not Sunday Monday, and you’d like to experience the WOW, Bill is happy to respond to inquiries over the phone and arrange a visit to the NW Limited…History in VogueTM worldwide headquarters.
503-338-6056 or Email bill@nwlimited.com

Made in the USA

If April Fool’s day was a day to facetiously suggest that our very exclusive, limited, custom and handmade products were to be mass-produced in China (for those that know, this is the ultimate in sarcasm), then today, April 4th, we will declare our red, white, and blue roots, our undying devotion to maintaining a business and product which has its roots firmly here in American soil.

Every component of our History in VogueTM product line (with rare exception), is produced here in America, is American-made (by just one American person), and those carefully-selected items are most usually the product of another small, often very local business. 
One of the founding concepts of NW Limited (formerly NW Columbia Map Company), is in fact, “American-made”, and we have never forgotten that. 
Every box bears its Made in USA stamp; each framed, matted and handmade bit of history has a sticker proclaiming the same, and they are placed there with pride.
Much of our original line is a celebration and in honor of this great nation’s history, beginning with the Lewis & Clark Maps, continuing through the 2007 quadirecentennial Jamestown, Virginia Map, and our newest, Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard, which pays tribute to those that lost their lives exploring, supplying and surviving the maritime industry from the earliest years of this nation to the most recent.
The maps and charts form the core of our company, and it is what it means to be “History in Vogue” to celebrate these historic events and pay tribute to them in a way that gives them new and current life.
We are Still Proud to Be An American
Think of the footprints you leave behind, and know that every step you take in this fragile economy has a ripple effect. 
Buy American, buy locally, and buy handmade, where ever possible.

We do enjoy our sense of humor, and if we caught any of you off-guard, well….get used to it!

Saving daylight, or losing sleep?

Don’t forget to push your clocks forward one hour tonight before you hit the sack.
NW Limited offers you this special “lost hour” deal:

FREE custom-made box,
Made in the USA
(just like the contents)
with your purchase. 

No buyer’s remorse in here!

We all know the box is the
best part of any new toy, anyway.

These boxes are without peer.

The question is:
What will be in this amazing box,
when you open yours? 
That is up to you…

Daylight Savings Time 
(from the Astronomical Applications Dept. of the U.S. Navy)