Spiderman…is back! In black!

Spidey will be at the Second Genesis Comic Book Show this Sunday, April 13, in Portland, Oregon at the Memorial Coliseum.  Also there will be a great-looking Batman autographed picture, a Batman/Green Lantern comic (you will see these very soon), Thor variant cover that will just blow you away. Also Mr. Jackman down there will be in attendance. 
Here’s #13 signed by Tobey Maguire (upside down, in true Spidey-style!), complete with Marvel stamps and first-day-issue postmarks! 11″ X 14″ $200

Marvel Comics Wolverine #11 signed by the X-Men actor, Hugh Jackman
11″ X 14′ custom framed, matted, stamps and postmarks included $200
contact: 503-338-6056 bill@nwlimited.com
These amazing pieces, as well as select others,  will be available at the Second Genesis Comic Show this weekend, Sunday the 13th of April at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon.  Come see!