Tall ship the Lady Washington visits Westport, Wa and Astoria, OR

Aberdeen, WA – The tall ship Lady Washington will stop in Westport Sunday Oct. 4 before she begins her 11-week “2009 Columbia River Fall Education Tour.” The ship is scheduled to arrive at the Westport Marina at approximately 1 p.m. and open to the public for walk-on tours from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
A $3 donation per person is appreciated. On Monday, Oct. 5, Lady Washington departs Westport for Astoria, Ore.
Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority, which owns and operates Lady Washington, had initially planned for a major restoration project on the ship after completing its annual Puget Sound tour this month. A change in the restoration planning opened up the opportunity for a fall voyage. The warm welcome by Columbia River port communities last spring encouraged the Seaport to schedule a fall voyage up river rather than south down the Oregon coast.

The tall ship Hawaiian Chieftain, which normally accompanies Lady Washington on her voyages, will sail south and offer educational programs to coastal Oregon and California schools. She is currently in Aberdeen. Hawaiian Chieftain is scheduled to visit Westport Oct. 10 before sailing for Oakland, Calif.
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The fall Columbia River tour is an encore of the ship’s spring 2009 tour and the Lady Washington will visit many of the same ports, emphasizing its mission of hands-on education for young people. Scheduled ports-of-call include: Astoria, Cathlamet, Hood River, Ilwaco, Kalama, Pasco, Rainier, St. Helens, The Dalles, Umatilla, Vancouver, and Washougal.

The HMS Bounty stopped in Astoria

The HMS Bounty was here July 15-17, 2008, and has now left headed south.
If you’d like to find out where the HMS Bounty is currently located, please click here: HMS Bounty Schedule (from their website) and HMS Bounty Locator (A locator also hosted on the HMS Bounty’s website)
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The HMS Bounty at anchor in the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon July 15, 2008

The HMS Bounty at anchor in the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon on July 15, 2008-Bounty has stopped over on her way from Port Alberni, BC on 9 day trip to attend San Francisco Tall Ships celebration July 22-27.

The historic HMS Bounty had been scheduled to attend the Tall Ships event in Ilwaco, WA, last month, but could not arrive in time on her way from Bodega Bay, California though the crew battled a monstrous headwind for days to try and make the event.

Needless to say, better late than never!  

We Astorians, and those lucky enough to be in the vicinity, were treated to the sight of a historic “star” such as the HMS Bounty anchored up just north of the shipping channel. 
These photos were taken July 15, 2008.

The HMS Bounty moored at 17th street pier near the Columbia River Maritime Museum and alongside a US Coast Guard cutter

The HMS Bounty moored at 17th street pier near the Columbia River Maritime Museum and alongside a US Coast Guard cutter

The HMS Bounty was built in 1960-1961 in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia; she was christened on 8/28/1961.  Created for the movie starring Marlon Brando, “Mutiny on the Bounty”, she has also been featured in Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man’s Chest, Treasure Island, and Sponge Bob Square Pants the Movie! 
The helm is original, from the 1935 movie in which Clark Gable also starred.


Quote from www.tallshipsbounty.org: “Known for a maritime mutiny that took place over 200 years ago, Bounty remains famous and infamous. Thousands cross her ample decks during port visits wondering what life was like then and now. You know her from her modern movies as well. In 1960, it was Marlon Brando as Fletcher Christian in Mutiny on the Bounty. Today, it is Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest. ”

The Bounty will again cross beneath the Astoria-Megler bridge on her way back over the Columbia River bar, also known as The Pacific Graveyard when she departs

The Bounty will again cross beneath the Astoria-Megler bridge on her way back over the Columbia River bar, also known as "The Pacific Graveyard" when she departs



After San Francisco, the Bounty is also scheduled to attend the Festival of Sail in San Diego, California along with the USCG Cutter Eagle, which was here last month.


We wish her well on the next leg of her journey, and hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

HMS Bounty homepage
Maritime Museum of San Diego
Columbia River Maritime Museum website

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HMS Bounty delayed by weather, will miss Ilwaco

Breaking news:
The HMS Bounty stayed moored to avoid a strong headwind and tough seas from Bodega Bay, and will not arrive in Ilwaco as planned this weekend.
The tall ship simply can’t make enough headway against the adverse conditions to make the event in time.
Instead, they are planning a stop in Coos Bay for fuel, and on to Port Angeles on their way to Victoria, BC. They were able to leave Bodega Bay just this morning (Thursday). Not enough time to arrive in Ilwaco.
Disappointing news, however not unexpected in light of the nasty weather pattern the left coast has been trapped in.

The Lynx will be in Ilwaco as planned, and the USCG Cutter Eagle is currently docked in Astoria near the Columbia River Maritime Museum.
Safe travel to the Bounty!

The Bounty navigating rough seas near Bodega Bay
Video showing the Bounty from the same blog
Bounty not coming Daily Astorian

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Tall ships in Ilwaco, WA this weekend

The tall ships Privateer Lynx and the HMS Bounty will be in Ilwaco, WA this weekend, and open for public tours. (more information in the links below on dates/times)
Grand arrival for both ships is 3 p.m. and there will be free dockside tours.   
The Lynx was launched in 2001, built as a replica of the Privateer Lynx, originally built in 1812 in Maryland. “She was among the first ships to defend American freedom by evading the British naval fleet then blockading American ports and serving in the important privateering efforts.”
(quote from the Privateer Lynx’s site, link below).

HMS Bounty tall sailing shipThe HMS Bounty starred in the Pirates of the Carribbean, and in 1962’s “Mutiny on the Bounty” starring Marlon Brando.

Weather can often change the schedules; visit the ship’s websites for more information.
Can’t get enough of tall ships and maritime history?
Hop across the bridge to Astoria, Oregon and visit the USCG Cutter Eagle (click for link), which is another tall ship available for tours and multiple photo opportunities.

“The Eagle is a three-masted sailing barque with 21,350 square feet of sail. It is home ported at the CG Academy, New London, Connecticut. It is the only active commissioned sailing vessel in the U.S. maritime services. Before her Coast Guard duties, she was originally commissioned in 1936 by the German Navy under the name “SNS Horst Wessel”
(more information below at the USCG Cutter Eagle website).
Shipwreck chart by NW Limited...History in Vogue available for purchase

Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard” (shown at left) gives detailed information on each historic shipwreck of the southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon coast as well as the lower Columbia River.

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These events are rare opportunities to view ships similar to the ones that historically plied the waters of the Pacific Graveyard, in good weather and bad, for better or worse…sometimes meeting their doom, or “making the chart” as we say.

Privateer Lynx
HMS Bounty
USCG Cutter Eagle
Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard
Calendar of Events on the Oregon Coast at northwest magazines

Wreck of the Lupatia – Jan. 3, 1881

An excerpt from NW Limited’s ‘Dead Reckoning of the Pacific Graveyard’ chart reads:
“Lupatia -1/3/1881- British bark: A south-easterly gale throws Lupatia onto Tillamook reef; a dog survives -16 dead”

One can imagine her final hours. A bleak, January night with the wind and surf shattering her against the rocks mere weeks before the Tillamook Lighthouse, a/k/a “Terrible Tilly” was to be lit.
The crew working on construction of that lighthouse saw Lupatia’s running lights as she approached.  In the near-miss incident,  they could hear Lupatia’s crew shouting orders of “Hard apart!” as they scrambled to keep her off the rock which so desperately needed a light as warning. 
 The construction crew kindled fires, and used lanterns to try and assist the captain as he navigated the rock-strewn reef.   Narrowly missing the rock itself, she disappeared into the darkness.
Lupatia’s debris littered the rocks below the nearly complete lighthouse the following morning.  16 lives lost…
 Would her fate have been the same had her captain had that light to use as guide?
 Unlike the Peter Iredale, or the George L. Olson, nothing remains of the Lupatia, no structure to climb and explore, no resting place to visit.
NW Limited’s historic achievement of the most detailed and complete shipwreck chart to date, immortalizes her.
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