Lewis & Clark Maps

(or the map that started it all!)

Lewis & Clark “States Map” by NW Limited…History in Vogue

33″ wide by 17″ high
This Lewis and Clark map was a mere thought in 2001.
Nobody had yet added the present-day United States to this original document.
Four years later it was done, complete with first-day-issue stamps and postmarks.
The “States” map was copyrighted then documented along with the Indian Nations Map just before being hung in the Library of Congress, June 2004.
A copy of this letter along with all other documentation is also included with your maps.
Each signed and numbered limited edition “States” map has first day stamps and postmarks of Oregon and Washington.
All pieces are glassless and sealed with non-yellowing lacquer.
Limited to 400 only! 
You can have yours for just $250.00

Indian Nations Map by NW Limited…History in Vogue
The Lewis and Clark “Indian Nations” map (click above for larger image) was produced in October 2004.
After the first printing of the sepia toned map, this sister to the “States map,” simply was not acceptable (oops! very expensive), so we spent another month and reworked the clarity and readability.
Prior to printing, a controversy in the newspapers about Chinook Indian Tribes on fishing rights and federal recognition brought about my decision to add the Native American Tribes from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean during the time period of 1804, 5 & 6.
This project was completed after months of work and valuable help from Otis Halfmoon, a Nez Perce. This map is framed and matted in ranger green with first day issue stamps and the last three postmarks of Oregon and Washington. Like the states map above it is sealed in lacquers and glassless.
There are less than 50 left!  $250.00

The “Black” Lewis & Clark map by NW Limited…History in vogue

The Lewis and Clark “Black” map is a fine example of a computer hard drive error! After functioning erratically (never happens with computers), all the information that was stored for this project manifested itself into this…
Loved it! Kept it!
And there are less than 100 available.  $250.00
Sealed in lacquers and vinyl, negating the need for glass and giving an appealing, protective texture to the finished piece.
A classic addition to any décor!
There are also limited numbers of the “small” States and Indian Nations maps.
These measure 17″ W X 10″ H and sell for $85.00. 
They are every bit as clear, and every bit as wonderfully detailed as their larger versions:

Inquire at 503-338-6056 or email Bill Brooks, at bill@nwlimited.com

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