Presidential appeal – The USS Ronald Reagan

USS Ronald Reagan $200 as shown

The US Navy’s Nimitz-class aircraft carrier bearing Ronald Reagan’s name is a fitting tribute to our 40th president.
Limited…History in VogueTM chose to produce the following piece in recognition.
At the risk of being redundant, these pieces also feature the first-day-issue stamps and postmarks released by the USPS in recognition of Ronald Reagan.
They have multiple appeal in the form of historic significance as well as the obvious reference to Reagan himself, the United States Navy, and of course, the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier.

 The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) was produced for the officers, the sailors, the plank owners, the builders and for any parents who are just proud of their sons and daughters. 760 signed and numbered, limited pieces will be available.
Thank you to the US Navy for providing the original photograph and permission to use the Navy Seal!
To do away with reflections, all pieces are glassless and sealed with non-yellowing lacquer and vinyls.

“Navy Up” comes from the term “Cowboy Up” which means to toughen up! The animation for this catch-phrase was drawn by retired Disney artist Dave High of Simi Valley California.
The bucking stallion represents the forever cowboy in Ronald Reagan.


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  4. I was in the Navy while ol RR was President. (1982-87) I served on the USS Arkansas CGN41. I have to say I was proud to serve under him.

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